Juntos somos Fuertes

Las asociaciones son importantes y definen el tipo de empresa que eres. En TIC Aerospace vemos a nuestros socios como una familia extendida.
Valoramos nuestras asociaciones y confiamos en ellas nuestros clientes y trabajo.

Tobruk International Corp.

TOBRUK International Corporation uniquely focuses on Procurement services that will simplify your aviation process. Supporting and providing sales, repairs, and overhaul services for aircrafts parts to the military, corporate, commercial, defense, and aerospace market.

TIC Logistics

We specialize in aircraft, engine, and Ground equipment transportation, Aircraft maintenance and repair support, and AOG services. We continuously strive to provide the most ingenious and price competitive business solutions tailored to the particular needs and requests of each client.

TIC Aerospace

6962 NW 50th Street Miami, FL 33166

AOG Support

Carlos Villavicencio

Director of Marketing
Mobile: 305-968-0737

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